Home Security

Looking for a cost-effective way to add security, comfort, and ease in your home automatically? Our Smart Home Security services are designed especially for you! Best of all you can operate the entire technology simply with a smartphone or any smart device. We are experts when it comes to designing a system that lets you control as much as you want in a flexible way! We discuss the services with you and you control what is important to you. You can also easily add or remove as many features and controls as you want.

Some Additional Smart Home Security Solutions

Provide instant access to neighbors, friends, and family – even if you are not at home. Get instant alerts on your mobile device when a security breach occurs. Raise immediate alerts to authorities.

  1. Networking – With a high speed and a secure network you get the protection and functionality you desire. A completely connected network including your TV, phones, music, security, control system, and mobile devices ensure you have wireless control over your home.

  2. Climate Control – Setting up smart climate control makes it easy for you to set the perfect temperature for your home regardless of the seasonal changes outside. You can control your shades, lights, home entertainment system, and use that same touch screen to make adjustments to create a comfortable environment according to your satisfaction.

  3. Motorized Window Treatments – Installing Motorized windows gives maximum convenience, comfort, and efficiency for all your drapes, windows, and so much more. Transform harsh glares into light that is soft and plreasing to the eyes. With enhanced privacy preserve the exterior views, and get protection from UV rays all while having the ability to change day and night time simply with the press of a button.

  4. Luxury Automation – Go all in and pamper yourself with things like heated toilet seats, humidity controlled wardrobes, and more. Experience luxury with smart home automation and comfort like no other. Home access allows you to personalize the setting according to each occupant and automatically adjust the environment when you access the home.

Benefits of including smart home automation for security

  • Reduces your home’s environmental impact
  • Easy Maintenance & Programming
  • Additional Safety
  • Low Utility Bills
  • Added Convenience
  • Ease & Comfort

A Few Popular Smart Home Outlet Solutions

Light Switches & Electrical Sockets

Smart Smoke detector

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Motor Starters & Protection Components

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