Surge Protection

Connect Appliances Warranty: From the Owner

“My home in Auburn, just east of Manchester, has about $28,000 worth of appliances and electronics connected to the electrical panel. The beauty of Surge Protection to the homeowner is not only in the device itself, but in the connected appliances warranty…”

– Justin A Smith, Corporate Master Electrician & Owner of Spark Electrician Services

When Spark Installs a Surge Protector at your panel, that surge protector provides you with a warranty, and these warranties range anywhere from $10,000 coverage all the way to $50,000 coverage.

Could you afford to make major repairs to the electronics on all of these devices if your home is hit with an external power surge?

Types of Surge Protection

  • Type 1 – Point of Use Surge Protector: Adds an extra layer of protection at the appliance, if multiple surges cause the Whole Home Surge Protector to fail in the line of duty, the secondary device will step in for back-up. Some manufacturers of Surge Protection Devices require both to qualify for the connected appliance warranty. 
  • Type 2 – Whole Home Surge Protector: Arrests internal and external surges at the main electrical panel. 

A power surge explained

Defined as an unexpected, temporary, uncontrolled increase of current or voltage in an electrical circuit; a voltage spike.

Power surges last just microseconds, the spike is instantaneous, they happen so fast we are often incapable of noticing them. Surges are likely the cause of the unexpected failure of a piece of electronics. Sometimes it’s the failure of a circuit board in your air conditioner, furnace, washer, dryer, oven, or even simply a thermostat or doorbell stops working.

Where surges come from: External

We live in an area with often harsh weather conditions and an aging electrical grid system, creating the perfect scenario for surges.

An external surge comes from outside your home, the surge is generated somewhere on the utility lines. The most likely causes are:

  • When power gets restored after storm damage, car accidents, or a tree down, there is a large spike in current as several homes and businesses turn back on all at once. Everytime there is storm damage, we get an increase of calls to repair and replace damaged devices.
  • Lightning strikes a pole or a transformer or power lines
  • Large scale manufacturing areas can create surges on the grid caused by excessive current draw.

Where the surges come from: Internal

An internal surge comes from inside your home. It occurs somewhere in your home electrical system. The most likely causes are:

  • An overloaded circuit or overloaded system
  • Faulty wiring
  • A current spike and subsequent voltage spike caused by a large appliance starting up like an air-conditioner
  • A current spike and a subsequent voltage spike from a large tool like an air compressor or a circular saw
  • A combination of an overloaded circuit, extension cords, and too many devices plugged in (especially devices that create spikes in current.)

Our surge protectors arrest both external and internal surges at the electrical panel. Unlike point of use surge protector strips which only protect the electronics plugged into them by diverting the surge to ground, whole home surge protection stops the surge at the panel, preventing it from infiltrating all the appliances wired into the electrical system.

(A car accident in Derry causes a massive outage in May, 2022, followed by a surge of current when power is restored)

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