Panel Update and Upgrade Londonderry, NH

200 Amp & 400 Amp Service Upgrades

Spark Electricians are highly trained and qualified to replace and upgrade your entire Main Electrical Service. Our technicians install over 24 new electrical panels every month! We handle the entire project from start to finish! Our office coordinates with the Electric Utility company, and the town building department to assure a smooth and minimally invasive disconnect and upgrade. We have a system with the electric company to disconnect your old service, install your new service, obtain inspections, and reconnect the new service all in the same day!

Most homes in New Hampshire were originally equipped with a 100 Amp Main Electrical Service and a small 20 space panel. The demand on home electrical panel boards has increased over the years, and many homes are at, if not over the full rated capacity of that original system. Having an aging panel quietly operating at maximum capacity every single day can create hazards, and loose connections can even start a fire.

Homeowners are also often limited to what appliances they can add to their home. You may need to add an outlet for a pool, purchase a car charger, build a small addition, or add a new HVAC system, or even a hot tub. Any one of these scenarios may require you to upgrade!

Whole Home Redevice

GFCI resettable outlets that are often found in kitchens and bathrooms expire over time, these devices have sensitive diodes that detect electrical shock and protect you and your loved ones. Standard outlets and switches fail over time. Like any system, your electrical system needs to be maintained to stay safe and reliable. The mechanical components inside devices wear out over time, from flipping a switch to shoving the plug from your vacuum into an outlet.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s office requires homes to have smoke detectors in every bedroom, and a combination smoke / carbon monoxide detector on every floor. They also require these devices to be interconnected, so that when one device goes off, they all go off. These devices need to be completely replaced every 10 years, and devices with replaceable batteries should be tested monthly and replacement batteries installed as needed.

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Everyone who I interacted with at Spark was amazing, from the women running the office, to the owners and electricians who got the work done in a timely and professional manner. The price for work was incredibly fair and the quality of the work far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Spark to anyone without reservation!

Eric Stephens

Our technician was very clear and thorough in his explanations of how things worked. I never felt pressured to buy more like some companies can do. I will definitely call them in the future should I need electrical services again.

Rena Caron

Spark Electric services did a really good job! Adam and Alex are really professional, quick and thorough. Very happy 🙂

Alexandra Justice

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Give us a call today for a quick inspection and quote. We’d love to see how we can help you keep your property in top condition!