Portable Generators

Rediscover The Power To Live, Work & Play

Portable Generators are a must have for most NH residents. We have all experiences outages for short periods during our storm seasons, or caused by traffic related accidents and windy days. Our entire infrastructure was built with overhead wiring and much of it is aging, and surrounded by tree branches that often fall and cause outages.

The Power To Live

Most people discover portable generators when they face a power outage. However, to enjoy the power to live and minimize any disruption to your daily lifestyle portable generators are an absolute necessity.

The Power To Work

Runny lengthy cords can disrupt home improvement projects. With portable generators it is easier to reach that far corner of your property. Spark Electrician Services can also help you install it efficiently!

The Power To Play

When out camping or tailgating it might be fun playing it rough but what happens when you need a cup of coffee or are out of battery on your cell? Discover the power of play with portable generators. We help you install it efficiently!

Depending on where our clients live in the state, we have many friends and neighbors who lose power regularly for short periods, year round. We have other clients who experience longer outages, often for days at a time during our harsh storm seasons. Portable stand-by generators are a necessity for NH residents.

We Offer...

  • Assembly, testing, and delivery of our approved portable generators
  • Interlock Kit installation for whole-home generator use
  • Exterior power inlets for easy and convenient connections
  • Client’s training, and support on using your new generator
  • Warranty on generators with free delivery if your generator fails pre-mature
  • Accessories, covers, cords, and generator bases
Free Estimates on New Generators

Our technicians offer same-day service for installations along with a no-obligation estimate for any customized back-up power generators.

Reliable Installations

With highly-qualified and experienced electricians we are reliable and will get the job done right!

Comprehensive Maintenance Checks

A maintenance check from Spark Electrician Services will ideally help ensure the generators installed will always put up an optimal performance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

With us, you’ll always receive a wonderful service. We guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied that you chose us for your generator requirements.

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Spark Electrician Services were professional and very responsive. They upgraded my panel in less than a week of scheduling. Very clean work and job well done. I would highly recommend to anyone needing electrician services.

James Maylone

We have used spark now a couple of times and they are wonderful. They are timely, efficient, professional, and we never feel like we overplayed. We feel safe and secure with the work that they do and we will continue doing business in the future with them.

Johnathan Smith

I have never been happier to hire Spark. I have used them twice and I have one more project for them to complete. Alan is one of the nicest guys I have ever worked with and him and Jimmy went above and beyond. I could not be any happier with the work they have done. If anyone is looking for a electrician in the area I would start with Spark!

Rich Parez

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