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A professional energy audit is a crucial first step in identifying cost-saving opportunities for your home. The Energy Audit Program provides technical assistance to owners of multi-unit dwellings and commercial buildings to help reduce energy consumption, save money, and address climate change.

Empowering New Hampshire to make smart energy choices

Spark Electrician Services‘ mission is to improve the energy efficiency of New Hampshire homes through energy efficiency education and awareness, outreach programs and technical assistance

Whether you're buying or selling we can help!

We will do a full electrical inspection and alert you of any potential issues before you make your purchase.

Additionally we can do a full energy audit and make suggestions on how you could save on your electric bill. Small changes can add up to big savings!

In an energy audit, we begin by inspecting a home’s efficiency, but also analyzes the whole house as a system and take detailed notes on efficiency ratings and insulation or duct leakage measurements.

A step toward a healthier home and lower energy costs

The energy audit will be performed using a combination of standardized diagnostic equipment, such as blower doors and duct blasters, and visual inspection. 

The audit will produce a written report that describes and rates the overall condition of the building envelope, HVAC system, lighting, domestic hot water system, appliances and other major components. The report will also include an estimate of current operating costs based on past utility bills (if available). If a thermal imaging camera is used during the audit, a picture of each side of the house showing heat loss through walls, roofs and windows will be included in the report.

The most important feature of the report is its summary table of recommended energy efficiency measures. Each measure will be rated by anticipated cost effectiveness. This rating includes not only installation cost but also estimated annual savings for each measure, based on unit energy costs for electricity and heating fuels in your area. A rating for each measure on a scale from 1 to 5 stars indicates how cost effective it is; 5 stars is most cost effective. The energy auditor should review this table with you to help you prioritize among possible investments in energy efficiency improvements for your home.

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