Also known as service panels, subpanels are bridges between the main service panel and every other part of the home. Although it does not provide additional electricity to your home it efficiently feeds from your main panel. An electrical sub panel gives you easy-to-manage electrical services that are efficient and runs from other areas of your home. They are wired for specific needs such as supplying power to a new workshop or anything else. If you are not sure whether you need a subpanel or not Spark Electrician Services can come and help you find the best solution for your home!

Distinct Clues You May Need An Electrical Subpanel

Buildings that are not undergoing any immediate remodelling may not need an immediate subpaanel. However, your home may be giving you distinct clues that you may need an electrical subpanel. Here’s a checklist to look out for

  • There arent enough outlets in some rooms of your house but your electrical panel has the capacity to take more load.
  • You find yourself using extension cords and electrical strips to plug in appliances frequently.
  • When you look at your main panel it confuses you and is unclear which circuit breaker goes to what as it is very overcrowded.
  • You are forced to use extension cords from your house to the outbuilding, workshop, and garage.

At Spark Electrician Services we understand that compromising on quality service is an absolute no. Most importantly sub panels are a necessity for safety reasons. If the main panel is overcrowded with wires and an overcrowded maze, it is an impending hazard. Contact us today to book a free consultation to ensure you and your family are safe.

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Having a culture of safety, and an effective management systems makes us proud. We continually work hard to ensure you will receive the best customer service available and you can rely on us being on time and within budget.

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A maintenance check from Spark Electrician Services will ideally help ensure the sub panels installed will always put up an optimal performance.

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With us, you’ll always receive a wonderful service. We guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied that you chose us for your sub panel installations.

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Sean was great! He installed a couple of outlets and replaced a light fixture. We can’t wait to use Spark for more projects.

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They were a little bit more expensive than some of the other quotes I received. That said it was well worth it considering how professional everyone at the company was. Electricians Sean and Eddy were great.

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