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At Spark, we can help upgrade newer homes, and update older homes. The average home electrical system in our area has 1940s – 1980s era wiring. The demand for electricity has increased significantly compared to the electrical requirements of our homes in the 40s and 50s. It’s important to hire electricians that are familiar with home wiring, and understand how residential structures are built in our area. We work on homes every day. Spark electricians are well versed in local town and city requirements and respected by local code enforcement.

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Everything You Need to Know About Generators

As a Generac generator authorized installer for Londonderry NH and Southern NH, you can rest easy knowing that Spark Electrician Services follow all local, state, and national electrical codes in order to ensure that your new generator is in top working condition.

Home Standby Generator

Home Standby Generator

Automatic Generators start and transfer power seamlessly without requiring the homeowner to lift a finger. They restore power within seconds. A necessity for clients in areas with frequent short power outages, or seasonal long power outages.
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Portable Generator

Portable Generator

Portable Generators are a great, budget friendly solution for clients who occasionally lose power due to weather, and are typically not without power for extended periods of more than a couple days.
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Backup power for businesses

Backup power for businesses

We can calculate what size equipment is required to keep your business running even when the power is not.
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Do you need help with professional electrical upkeep?

We’re readily available and our professional technicians are ready to help you resolve any issue.


We ensure quality performance when it comes to installations, automations, and inspections without cutting any corners.


With us, reliability is an assured guarantee. We complete both small light fixture projects to big construction building projects on time.


We provide you with value and knowledge accompanied with the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our top priority is your safety. With safe installations and experienced employees we are licensed and trustworthy.


What Our Clients Say

Spark was recommended to us by the owners of Princess Jewelers in Derry. Adam came to our home yesterday. He was knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and very informative. He spent 5+ hours taking care of several projects, and gave us all the options (including the money-saving ones) we needed to make intelligent decisions. We're very happy with the quality of Adam's work and we're looking forward to his return next week when he'll take care of the last 3 tasks on our list. Spark and Adam are very highly recommended indeed.

Arthur Marino

Evan came out today and repaired both doorbells for our duplex. One of them was very complicated with short wires and he took the time to think outside the box and come up with a solution to make it work so we didn’t have to have holes and repairs done after. He was professional, friendly, patient, and a pleasure to work with. Bonus: he liked my dogs! I will definitely be using Spark Electrician in the future and will be recommending them as well. Thank you Evan!!

Oceanne Kerebel

Adam did excellent work both times he was at our property. He replaced a fan and a chandelier. Both jobs required a little bit of extra work, and expertise, but Adam didn't even flinch. He executed everything with a smile. Being a new guy at the company, he certainly has customer service on lock down! Heidi at front desk was personable and kept me up to date with appointments and times. Will use again and again. Thanks Adam and Spark!

Kris Gibson

The Spark team of Adam and Alex showed up right on time to repair a light post for me. They were both knowledgeable, thorough and got the job and the inspection done quickly. They were very careful not to track mud into the house (it was an outside job in the snow) and could not have been more pleasant to have at my home. I thoroughly recommend Adam and Alex and Spark.

Nancy Demers

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