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At Spark, we can help upgrade newer homes, and update older homes. The average home electrical system in our area has 1940s – 1980s era wiring. The demand for electricity has increased significantly compared to the electrical requirements of our homes in the 40s and 50s. It’s important to hire electricians that are familiar with home wiring, and understand how residential structures are built in our area. We work on homes every day. Spark electricians are well versed in local town and city requirements and respected by local code enforcement.

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From the office estimating and design group to the installation crew, our team is experienced, versatile, and well educated in every phase of commercial construction. Our leaders, and our electricians in the field have worked a broad range of commercial, industrial, and automation controls backgrounds in positions from lead foreman to project managers. Our firm is very advanced, we focus on hiring the best of the best and being conservative about the type of projects and clients we work with. We always deliver quality results, maintain our deadlines, and stay absolutely committed to the active projects we select.

Commercial Service & Repair

Commercial Service & Repair

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Commercial New Construction

Commercial New Construction

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Do you need help with professional electrical upkeep?

We’re readily available and our professional technicians are ready to help you resolve any issue.


We ensure quality performance when it comes to installations, automations, and inspections without cutting any corners.


With us, reliability is an assured guarantee. We complete both small light fixture projects to big construction building projects on time.


We provide you with value and knowledge accompanied with the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our top priority is your safety. With safe installations and experienced employees we are licensed and trustworthy.

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