Pool Electrician in Londonderry, NH

As a homeowner and family person, you always strive for the best in your home. Recently, however, anxiety has been creeping up on you as electrical installations must be done at your pool, but you have no idea who can help with such services. Fortunately, Spark Electrician Services is here to provide the exceptional electric contractor services you deserve!

With over a decade of veteran-owned and operated experience in electrical services, here at our company, we understand the apprehension that can come with getting your pool or hot tub set up correctly. We want to make this process easy for you, so you have more time to focus on what truly matters: spending quality moments with your family.

Let Us Explain the Services We Offer

Pool Installations

If you’re adding an above-ground or inground pool, our skilled and knowledgeable electricians can get the job done correctly. Our team stays abreast of all local codes throughout each spring season to provide you with a reliable service they can trust in.

Pool Sub Panels

If your pool requires its own power source, our electricians can install a subpanel to guarantee everything runs as expected. We offer installation services ranging from single circuits for an inflatable pool to custom designs with underwater lighting and illuminated waterfalls so that you may enjoy your space in a fresh new way!

Custom Lighting

If you’re looking for any outdoor lighting, from simple patio lights to a complex lighted pergola design and TV bracket setup – we have the experience and know-how to get it done. We can install color-changing pool lights, illuminated waterfalls, bug-repellent devices, and more.

Choose us today to start bringing your custom lighting dreams to life.

Hot Tub & Spa Installations

Whether you are looking for a hot tub installation within your home or an outdoor deck space to bask in the sun – we can help you! Each hot tub electrician will ensure that every aspect of wiring and conduit is handled properly so that no dangerous surprises could put your family in peril.

We Also Can Help You in Other Regards

With many pool electrical services available, it can be difficult to determine which best suits your needs. That’s why we also provide the following options so you can make an informed decision with ease:

  • Power to the Pool
  • Wet Niche Fixtures
  • Pool Pumps

The Pool Electrician You Deserve Is at Spark Electrician Services

Selecting the correct electrician services is essential to ensure your family’s safety. At Spark Electrician Services, we strive to provide you with a secure future while making your dream pool a reality. For our services, all it takes is one call – contact us at 603-932-5089 and let us know what you need! With just that simple step, entrust your home to us, and we’ll start immediately.

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Everyone who I interacted with at Spark was amazing, from the women running the office, to the owners and electricians who got the work done in a timely and professional manner. The price for work was incredibly fair and the quality of the work far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Spark to anyone without reservation!

Eric Stephens

Our technician was very clear and thorough in his explanations of how things worked. I never felt pressured to buy more like some companies can do. I will definitely call them in the future should I need electrical services again.

Rena Caron

Spark Electric services did a really good job! Adam and Alex are really professional, quick and thorough. Very happy 🙂

Alexandra Justice

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Give us a call today for a quick inspection and quote. We’d love to see how we can help you keep your property in top condition!