All You Need To Know Before Installing A Generator

Ahh! The convenience of having power anytime, anywhere! Installing a generator can be an exciting step toward making your home more energy efficient and reliable. But before you get too carried away, it’s best to research and plan out the whole process.

The activities involved in generator installation can be quite challenging and time-consuming. This blog post will cover some important things to consider before attempting to DIY or searching for ‘’generac dealers near me’’. So keep reading for more!

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4 Things To Consider When Installing A Generator

  • Be Aware Of The Relevant Regulations That Apply

A generator installation can be an overwhelming undertaking. Without the correct safety measures, your project could quickly become a nightmare. Before beginning:
    • Adhere to local regulations.
    • Ensure that noise levels don’t exceed what is permissible.
    • Carefully consider where equipment should be placed and confirm that all infrastructural laws are met.
  • Calculating The Load Requirements For Installing A Generator

When selecting the best generator for your home, size is paramount in ensuring uninterrupted power. Ensure to include all appliances and their associated starting wattages when calculating a total load of items on a generator. The more things powering up during an outage require choosing a higher capacity machine from the outset for optimal performance.
  • Gain The Necessary Knowledge To Install It Confidently

Connecting a standby generator to your home’s electrical system requires more than just the flick of a switch. Not only do you need substantial knowledge of electricity, but basic carpentry skills are also essential for running wires safely and securely.
  • Ensure To Connect It To Natural Gas For Efficient Powering

A generator installation doesn’t just mean finding the right place to put it and connecting its power source. You need an expert understanding of plumbing to ensure your gas supply is up to code and at the ideal pressure level; too little could damage the standby generator and potentially even your natural gas lines! Check with local utility companies for additional fees before turning on this new addition.

Don't Handle The Installation Yourself - Call The Experts!

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Give us a call today for a quick inspection and quote. We’d love to see how we can help you keep your property in top condition!